Star Wars Themed 40th Birthday Party

When I first met my husband, he was a month short of turning 30. I remember thinking “whoa, he’s old”. Fast forward 10 years later, we have two kids and living blissfully in suburbia.  I don’t remember how old my husband is anymore because he’s always been a kid at heart. What I did know is that I had to celebrate his milestone birthday. If you know my husband, he hates attention, so it was very difficult to convince him to celebrate his birthday. Somehow my negotiation skills worked because 1.5 weeks before his milestone birthday, I successfully persuaded him to have a small gathering at home. He requested a casual get together with just family, but of course I had to include a few close friends.  I kept him in the dark for most of the details, so he can enjoy the moment with his guests.

The most obvious theme for this event was Star Wars. My husband loves Star Wars and I have yet to watch one movie. Needless to say, I have learned about Star Wars after this party and admittedly had a lot of fun embarrassing him.

TheFancyFiasco-Star Wars Birthday Party Invitation

At our casual get together, I decided to print pictures of my husband over the years as face masks for photo opportunities. It turned out to be so fun with so many laughs and great pictures.

StarWars Birthday Party in Vancouver BC

The party background was created with black wrapping paper from Michael’s.  The letters were created in Illustrator and cut out with the old fashioned way. An evening with my exacto knife, cutting board, and a glass of wine! Scroll down for the template print out. The balloon banner was put together by tying three balloons together with string, then attaching the three balloons to one larger piece of string tightly together.

Star Wars themed birthday3

We celebrated with his favourite foods – sushi, chicken wings and chocolate cake.  T’was a good time.


It’s greatly appreciated if you provide credit to me should you use these templates for your party. Redistribution for commercial purposes is strictly prohibited.

Print colour on cardstock and cut. It’s much easier if you use an exacto knife with a cutting board for clean lines.

Download Star Wars Birthday Background Free Printable here.


Star Wars themed birthday party2

To my dear husband, may you be reminded how much we love you and like wine, lasagna and cheese, you only get better with age. May the 40s be with you.



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