Fun Worksheets for Rainy Days

Lately my little ones have been obsessed with doing “hard work”. This is what they call it at school when they need to complete their workbooks. Mackenzie has been loving them so much, she has been asking to do them at home too! With everything online, it was hard to pinpoint where to start. I’m so glad to across as they have a huge library of fun activities, worksheets, and basically any learning resources you can possibly think of! I love how you can download their worksheets and activities anywhere; all you need is a printer.

To assist with spelling skills, I gave Mackenzie a worksheet that matches words to pictures, and to my surprise, she did it all by herself! She loved it so much, she asked for more. I love how it helped her learn in such a creative fun way. We went through the website together and she was able to pick out some worksheets she wanted to do. She loved the butterfly colouring worksheet, where you match numbers to colours.



Download the worksheet we worked on. Encourage your kids to have fun with matching beginning letter sounds with pictures. For more kindergarten worksheets, go to


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