Our Wedding Day

I found this on my computer the other day and I realized I had every intention to post this but never did. It was written 7 years ago, weeks after our wedding. So in light of my 7th wedding anniversary, I will walk down memory lane of this perfect day.

Happy Anniversary my handsome hubby Ryan. Thank you for creating this life with me and giving me the perfect two sweet but rambunctious human beings. 7 years going on 70.

Wedding Day

Cloudy with a chance of meatballs was the weather forecast for our much-awaited wedding day. The clouds were hanging low and the skies boasted muted gray skies. It was the perfect weather I have wished for.

It was not too long ago when an old friend of mine queried on our wedding planning progress and without hesitation, I proudly listed my “completes, in progress’ and to dos” trying to keep myself ahead of the game. My impressive list prompted him to mention that if I kept this up, I can probably control the weather … warm sunny blue skies. This to which I answered that I was actually wishing for a dry day with an overcast of heavy clouds and the sun peeking through as that is what produced the most beautiful photos and a heavy rain showers in the evening as rain is apparently good luck in the Chinese culture. There was, a tiny part of me, thinking that I can control this. Yes, definitely a bridezilla moment.


Ryan and I were on our toes the entire week leading up to the wedding as we truly regarded our rainy contingency plan as the weather forecast. We thoroughly practiced our “plan b” wedding rehearsal and ordered 8 large white golf umbrellas to prepare us for all possibilities, after all, we do live in Vancouver.


On the eve of the big day, my beautiful girls and I relaxed in the warm hot tub with champagne and girly giggles. It warmed my heart to see how much fun they were having as I reminisced inside on how we all met. Christina was the one I knew the longest dating back to kindergarten. She was the vein to the friendships with June and Eva. Bonnie, the older sister I never have, was acquainted through a circle of friends. She was the one who took me under her wing and introduced to me all her beauty and shopping secrets, just like an older sister would.  After a couple hours, an early night entailed and our hopeful spirits put us restfully to sleep as a big day was to come.


At the crack of dawn, I can always count on June to providing good news, and if not, she always has the positive spin. She woke me up with checking her iphone weather network in bed and to our delight, it promised a cloudy forecast and most importantly a dry day in the afternoon. Nothing could have started our day better other than a creamy coffee made from our fancy Nespresso machine in our suite, of course.

The morning was as hectic as I imagined. With seven girls getting ready with hair and makeup, the room was bustling with hair and makeup stations, each in separate bathrooms, and the fabulous Britney Spears Circus album playing in the background. Everyone came and left and before we knew it, the dress and veil were on, and it was ready to leave for Cecil Green Park House.


A smooth ride to Cecil Green ensured our prompt arrival as we snuck in to the bridal room, awaiting for the next steps. “Are you ready?” Susan, our amazing wedding coordinator, asked with a big smile in her usual calm and collected demeanor. I nodded without hesitation and she ushered us into cue to start the ceremony. As I stood there with my dad I looked at him and wondered what he was thinking. Only to remember that he looked at me just a few weeks ago and quietly told me how much he loved me and hard it was to let me go. Like most Asian parents, showing emotions is hard and for my dad to voice this meant a lot.  With all these warm emotions I looked ahead and my heart skipped a beat when I saw the back of Ryan.  Off he went walking down the steps to the aisle. Before I knew it, it was my turn.


I can’t tell you what was going through my head when I walked down the aisle, but in the tunnel vision I felt the smiles in my peripheral vision and the solace my heart felt when I saw Ryan as I made my way to him. With large smiles smeared on our faces, I knew this was a moment that will be remembered for a very long time.


Like all words of wisdom, it went by quickly with a bountiful of emotions flushing through me.  I can’t explain how strange but wonderful it is to have a day all to yourself until it has happened. It still chokes me up when I think of all the people who have come from far and near to celebrate this day with us. It was truly magnificent. No cake, venue or food can ruin this day as it was the people who made this day an exceptional one. In fact, I didn’t care how the patio umbrellas weren’t in the exact location I wanted them, or how our florist forgot purple rose petals for the aisle runner, I just wanted to soak in this moment spend time with our guests.

It took Ryan and I half a day to read through all the cards the next day and I cannot recall a dry eye during that afternoon. We had the time of our lives and we owe a bouquet of thank yous and hugs to our illustrious guests for giving us this enchanting experience to inaugurate the start of a marriage and a family.

edit: We reveled in our wedding celebrations by bringing our attire to our honeymoon and Rome and relived the dreamy day with a photo shoot around the city. We loved loved loved the experience and still cherish the photos we took by Rochelle Cheever. 



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