Arya’s My Little Pony Birthday Party

My littlest girl turned two! To watch her develop greater independence, form sentences, bloom into her own little self has been one of the most rewarding experiences as a mom.


To celebrate her second birthday, we booked the Yaletown Roundhouse Community Centre. I always wanted to book a community centre party because not only are they well organized but they always have the best toddler appropriate toys for kids to play with. With the plethora of community centre birthday parties to choose from, we decided on Yaletown Roundhouse Community Centre mainly because it included a visit to the train and ring the bell.


This year we decided on a My Little Pony theme. Where Arya doesn’t technically watch their shows, she absolutely loves My Little Ponies and would scream “pony” every time she sees one. For me, I love the colours and the whimsical charm these damn ponies exude.



For those who aren’t familiar with parties at the Yaletown Roundhouse Community Centre, the party is inaugurated an arts and crafts event. This is for kids who come early so they have something to work on as the other kids funnel into the party. Our party leader contacted us a week prior and we discussed the party theme and arts and crafts activity. We decided on My Little Pony crowns. The table was set up with crown templates, stickers and My Little Pony cut outs for kids to decorate their crowns with.

Once everyone arrived, we migrated to visit the train. The kids were given the opportunity to go in the train and ring the bell. It was a lot of fun and the kids loved the idea of going on a real traditional train.

After the train visit, kids were led into the gym where it was set up with everything a two year old could wish for – a bouncy castle, cars, play houses, wagons  and a basketball court for the older kids.




Keeping it simple, we served our guests pizza, popcorn, fruit, and veggies. My trust baker was away the weekend of the birthday so I wasn’t able to order a cake through her. I ended up ordering a cake from Cupcakes. We’ve ordered a cake from them before and always impressed by it. Did you know they do custom cakes? Just send them a picture and they can pretty much do anything you want them to. They also have vegan cakes as well!



So guys, I have this friend who makes the most beautiful floral walls. It all started with her wedding and from there, she started doing custom orders and rentals for events. Her company is called Paper Petals by CC. A local Vancouverite who is passionate about making your vision decor happen. She does so many floral walls for baby and wedding showers, birthday parties, and even photoshoots!  I fell in love with her purple flower wall so rented it for the event. It effortlessly created the perfect backdrop for the event.


To enhance the theme, I created custom gift bags, birthday hats, treat boxes, water labels, and a banner. Okay, I went a bit overboard, but loved the theme and learned A LOT on these ponies.

Simple decorations like balloons and streamers were set up and provided by the venue.


It’s no surprise I love Chapters for everything. Seriously everything. We went to Chapters one weekend and Arya became obsessed with these Twozies, so naturally I purchased 12 of these for the girls, and Playmobil Hockey Players for the boys. For the babies under 2, i found these adorable Fisher Price Peek a Boo Toaster toys.



As you can imagine, these templates take a significant amount of time to create. I share these as I believe every child deserves a great party and every mama deserves a stress free party planning experience. It’s greatly appreciated if you provide credit to me should you use these templates for your party by tagging me on instagram at TheFancyFiasco AND using hashtag #thefancyfiasco. Redistribution for commercial purposes is strictly prohibited.

My Little Pony Party Favour Bags

These look much harder than they really are. They’re extremely simple to make and creates such a beautiful themed bag. I printed these in colour on cardstock paper. Cut the shape out and glue on a standard sized gift bag. They look best against a coloured gift bag.


Download your My Little Pony Favour Bag template here 

My Little Pony Birthday Party Hats

Follow the instructions on my previous blog on how to make party hats here. Instead of pompoms for the hats, I decided to use long ribbon to mimic the pony’s mane.


Download your My Little Pony Birthday Party hat templates here. 

My Little Pony Treat Boxes

I love these but have to admit, they took a lot of time. If you’re planning on making these, I suggest a bottle of wine in front of the TV or with your best friend.

Print these in colour on cardstock and fold the tabs inwards. Glue with scrapbook tape runner so it stays put (and cleaner!).


Download your My Little Pony Treat Box templates here. 

My Little Pony Water Bottle Labels

These were easy. Print in colour on regular paper (or light cardstock) and glue them on your water bottle. If you’re planning on submerging your water bottles in ice water, you can cover the labels with clear packing tape.


Download your My Little Pony water bottle templates here. 


To my darling Arya, you are fun, fearsome and fierce. I love how you seize every opportunity to reach your goals and can be so kind and loving. I am so proud of you and look forward to many many birthdays together. I love you so much.

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  1. Cheyanna says:

    These are wonderful thank you for sharing. I noticed that rarity was missing from the popcorn boxes. Do you have that file too? I would love to add that to my little ones party decor if you have it.


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