My Microblading Journey

I’m not one to shy away from anything that helps me survive the morning. I’ve been on the fence with microblading my eyebrows for the longest time! Eyebrows can make or break your look but they take too long to draw in!

I should’ve taken a page out of Cindy Crawford’s book of eyebrows during my teenage years, instead I overplucked and sided with pencil thin eyebrows. What was I thinking? Where I never went as far as shaving them off, my eyebrows were pretty much nonexistent.

I’m glad that phase of my life is over and natural full fluffy brows are back in style and here to stay. I finally decided to take plunge with microblading. With two young kids and summer coming up, I convinced myself it was my mommy must-have!

I must admit, I was nervous. I’ve heard and seen so many poor experiences. When I went to my appointment, my technician was so easy to work with. She discussed the process with me and dived right in with measuring my face, drawing the brows in, and applying the numbing cream.

Did it hurt? OH YES IT DID! I felt every single blade in my skin even with the numbing cream. On top of that, as she did each stroke, comes with a scratching noise which made the pain more unbearable. The numbing cream unfortunately did not work for me; thankfully the process was short and if you survived childbirth, the pain is tolerable.

My skin was very sensitive and bled a lot. As I witnessed her wipe the blood off my brows, I prepared myself to look like a bloody, puffy mess. Guess what? I didn’t.

This is what I looked immediately after the procedure.


I was surprised to see how every stroke resembled hair. I LOVED THEM.


The next few weeks were crucial to its healing. I had to ensure it didn’t get wet and moisturized them periodically. Taking showers were tricky but I used my kids’ shower cap and makeup wipes when I washed my face.

My brows darkened over the next few days and slowly transitioned to the peeling stage. That was hard as there were large flakes on my brows I couldn’t pick or remove. Once the peeling ended, the brows started revealing its true self, and I loved it. Below are my brows the next day following the procedure. They were dark but manageable.


My touch-up happened after 7 weeks. My technician wasn’t as pleased with them as much as she have liked. It blurred and a lot fell off, so she suggested to care for them the same way but no moisturizer. Keep them away from water and follow the after care religiously. I also asked her to make it thicker with more strokes


Now that the healing process has completed, would I do this again? Absolutely! Was it worth the pain? You bet! I feel ready for summer now. Pool parties, bring it on!

Here are my tips for the procedure and aftercare

  • Sensitive skin? Pop an advil prior to the procedure; it will help with the swelling. Check with your technician first, but my tech recommended this
  • Invest in this kids shower cap. seriously it looks stupid but so helpful to keep your brows dry during showers
  • Wash your face with face wipes. I’m big fan of the one by Ole Henrikson
  • Take a shower and wash your hair prior to your procedure, that way you can get away without taking shower until the next day
  • Invest in dry shampoo. The less you wash your hair, the less chances of water touching it and the better the chances your brows will heal better
  • Go to your visit with the way you want your brows done. I took extra time in the morning drawing my brows to the thickness and shape I wanted. It helped articulate what I wanted to my technician.
  • Sun will fade your brows and unfortunately during the healing phase, you cannot wear sunscreen on your brows. Avoid sunny outdoor areas and wear a hat as it heals.


2 Comments Add yours

  1. I kinda wanna try this! But it sounds too painful haha.
    Stop by my blog sometime?
    Mena |


    1. tanyaalee says:

      Try microblading! so worth it… Love your blog, you make me want to visit Florida 🙂


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