Teacher Appreciation Gift Tags- WINE!

We have been enormously blessed with some great teachers. Since starting preschool, Mackenzie has developed an incredible amount of confidence and independence. Watching her grow into a little young lady has been one of the most rewarding mommy moments. I don’t know how they do it but I have witnessed the teachers give each child their undivided attention, patience, and wisdom in a sea of 20 kids.

Today was a dreary cold rainy day, atypical of the beautiful warm June weather we are normally spoiled with. As I started driving my daughter to school, she exclaimed “Mommy, today is a BEAUTIFUL day”. Confused, I asked her what she meant, she further explained that “Today was a beautiful day for the plants. Without rain, they won’t survive, right?”. Right. Yes very right. I wondered where she got the optimism from, and I’m pretty sure it was from her lovely teachers. I have so much appreciation for teachers and the work they do, so a small appreciation gift is always nice to show them your gratitude.

As the end of the school year nears, I am often in a frenzy to find a gift for teachers. This year, I decided to keep it simple with a bottle of wine. Who doesn’t love wine?? In efforts to find a cute wine tag, I came across some great ideas on pinterest and decided to create a tag from one of the quotes I found. Apples for teachers are fine but by June, you deserve wine. How adorable was that?

I loved how they turned out. Don’t you?


Download your Teacher Appreciation Wine Tag Here

As you can imagine, these templates take a significant amount of time to create. It’s greatly appreciated if you provide credit to me should you use these templates for your party. Redistribution for commercial purposes is strictly prohibited.

Print on standard letter sized paper (preferably cardstock). I left a space for you to include a personal message as well.


2 Comments Add yours

  1. June says:

    This is such a thoughtful gift tag!


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