Mackenzie’s Paw Patrol Birthday Party

Paw Patrol! Paw Patrol! Be there on a double! Is this song running on repeat in your head too? If so, then join the club!


We recently hosted Mackenzie’s 4th Birthday Party. This was a tricky one. As we are in the process of building our home, we didn’t have a venue nor a lot of time. We also didn’t have very many venues to choose from that can accommodate 20+ children of various ages. With our personal friends, family, and school friends, we would be hosting a very large party, which to be honest, I didn’t have the energy for.


This year, Mackenzie really wanted a big girl art party. With the minimum age limit of 3, we weren’t able to extend our friends and family with children who under the age limit, even Mackenzie’s sister couldn’t participate! To be quite honest, it really isn’t age appropriate for kids under 3 as I noticed the younger 3 year olds weren’t enjoying it as much as the older kids.

Ryan and I discussed this and finally we agreed on inviting a small handful of friends that met the age limit criteria, who were mainly her preschool friends. We held the party at 4cats and do they ever know how to throw a kids party! They were extremely organized and worked so well with kids.  We loved how the kids’ faces lit up when they were told to splatter paint and get messy! For the small handful of babies who came with their siblings, I prepared some colouring books and stickers for them to keep occupied.

The splatter paint party started with an introduction and kids were shuffled into a glass enclosed splatter room as parents watched from outside. Kids were given instructions to splatter as much as they want. After 15 minutes, kids were then seated around a large canvas and given various tools to use to splatter on the canvas. Think syringes and balloons! How inventive. The activity ended up with a seated activity for kids. They even lead the kids to the sink to wash their hands before going into the party room for lunch!





Since we were allotted only 15 minutes to set up prior to the kids coming into the party room, we decided to order pizza. Best decision ever. It was simple and a fan favourite.  For sweets, I hired a friend who made this beautiful Paw Patrol cake and cupcakes.



With the 15 minute set up time, I decided to forgo the decorations. The room itself is beautiful with paint splatter all around with rustic looking wooden tables. To amplify the theme, I made paper hats, and water bottle labels. More on the DIY instructions on paper hats below!




I always stress over party favours because I want it to be something kids LOVE and are excited about. I understand some kids may not know or care for Paw Patrol so I try to steer clear of any party themed favours. This year, I gifted Lego for the goodie bags, along with a bag of cookies. Lego appeals for a wide age range, so I knew it would be a hit. I don’t like to gender stereotype but I did give the boys Lego City and the girls Lego Friends. These favours were packaged up in a small gift bag with an oversized gift tag.


We were so happy with the party that we plan on hosting an adults paint splatter party! I am confident we will be returning to the venue very soon.


As you can imagine, these templates take a significant amount of time to create. I share these as I believe every child deserves a great party and every mama deserves a stress free party planning experience. It’s greatly appreciated if you provide credit to me should you use these templates for your party. Redistribution for commercial purposes is strictly prohibited.

Paw Patrol Party Hats

Making party hats are so much easier than it looks and it makes it look more customized than the standard stock hats you can purchase at the store.


There isn’t much science to making hats, but here are some tips:

  • Print on a lightweight cardstock. You don’t want it to be too stiff and heavy
  • Use double sided scrapbook tape to adhere them the hats together so the exterior isn’t exposed to tape and your usual glue won’t be strong enough
  • Staple the string to the hats, with the right side inside the hat, so the folded staple ends are on outside (unsightly yes, but it will help the string stay attached to the hat)
  • Triple, quadruple knot your string so it doesn’t slip off the staple
  • Save time by purchasing party hats from the dollar store, and using the string from the hats. String is already cut and has the perfect weight for hats, so it’ll save you a lot of time trying to figure out which elastic to purchase
  • Have fun with your hats and adorn it with glitter pompoms (I purchased mine from Michaels), or line it with ribbon, or sprinkle glitter.


Download your Paw Patrol Party hat templates here

Paw Patrol Water Bottle Labels

This year, I didn’t keep the water bottles cold, so I simply glued my labels directly on the water bottle. If I kept these water bottles in ice, I would use a thick clear packing tape to run the tape over the label to adhere it on the bottle. This method keeps the water bottles waterproof.

Download your Paw Patrol Water Bottle Label templates here 

Paw Patrol Favour Tags

Download your paw patrol favour tag templates  here

Finally to my dear Mackenzie, happy 4th birthday sweetheart. I have learned so much from you; your confidence, thoughtfulness and empathy for others is awe inspiring. I’m so blessed to be your mommy. We hope this birthday is as memorable as the last one. Love you to the moon and back.




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