DIY Easter Bunny Headband

Spring break was good to us. We played, napped, and I had the time to experiment with new dinner ideas. More importantly, I mustered up the creativity and time to create these adorable bunny Easter headbands.


The best part of this was that everything was from the dollar store. Honestly I saw many of these like-minded headbands on etsy, but I didn’t feel inclined to pay $25 for these. Who even knew if my girls would even entertain the thought of wearing these and even if they did, I’m sure they’d be trashed after one easter egg hunt. Hello chocolate!


My go to Michael’s craft store is situated perfectly beside the dollar store. Naturally I went to Michael’s first to peruse their aisles for ideas and inspiration. After realizing that I could be paying almost retail to make these, I went to the dollar store next door. So many great finds.

This headband took a total of 4 minutes and 32 seconds to create. Seriously.


Here’s what you need:

  • a kid’s headband (with a width of 3/4″). The width of the headband needs to be thick enough to hold the flowers without toppling over. This one was found in the Easter aisle of the dollar store. I loved the pink satin finish but it had a bunny attached to it, so it took a few additional minutes to remove it.
  • sparkly pipecleaners.
  • flowers
  • glue gun (low temp)


Here’s what you do:

  1. Fold your pipe cleaners in half and wrap the ends to your headband, ensuring the pipe cleaner ends are not poking on the bottom.
  2. Cut the stems off from your flowers and position it on your headband.
  3. Glue your pipecleaners first, and then your flowers.
  4. You’re done!


How easy was that? Wouldn’t these be cute for a bunny themed birthday? I love them, and looks like my girls do too (whew!).


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