Valentine Printables for Preschoolers

Since M started school, I’ve been getting my gears ready for Valentine day gift ideas. There are SO many great ideas out there but it was hard to find ideas that appeased the 2.5-6 age group, with a mix of boys and girls, as well as a no sugar policy.

Getting M to help assemble everything and name them for her school friends was the highlight of a snowy afternoon. It not only helped her learn to give and think of others but helps with her hand dexterity and fine motor skills. I just love doing crafts with her.


Doh You Want To Be My Valentine?

Last year, we decided to do something simple by giving play doh and a heart cookie cutter. It was perfect. I purchased a Mega Pack of Play Doh from Walmart, and a heart shaped cookie cutter from a home goods store. With a little bit of ribbon and packaging, the gifts turned out quite pretty.


For the teachers, I gave them seasonal Valentine’s day Starbucks reusable cups, with a gift card tucked inside. The tag said “The Biggest Perk of being in your class is YOU!”


You Are The Write Kind of Friend!

This year, I wanted to try something creative. Late in November as I perused the aisles in Chapters, I was struck in reminiscent of a childhood stationary favourite. Anybody remember those multi-coloured pens? I couldn’t believe they still made it. I showed Mackenzie and her eyes lit up in excitement. At that moment, I knew I had to get these for her Valentine’s day preschool gifts. I looked online and was so happy to find so many options. I ended up purchasing my pens from Amazon.  With the pens, I paired it together with mini sparkly notebooks from Chapters which I found in the kids section over Christmas.



I designed these cute tags to go along with them and spent an evening with Mackenzie putting them together.

For the teachers, I found these adorable David’s Tea Valentine’s Day gifts. Who doesn’t love tea?

Here’s how they turned out! Don’t they look adorable? I’m so looking forward to spending Valentine’s day with my munchkins and showering their entire day with lots of kisses. Happy Valentine’s Day!




As you can imagine, these templates take a significant amount of time to create.  It’s greatly appreciated if you provide credit to me should you use these templates for your party. Redistribution for commercial purposes is strictly prohibited.

Valentine’s Day Tags for Doh You Want To Be My Valentine?

Valentine’s Day for The Biggest Perk of Being In You!

Valentine’s Day Tags for You’re the Write Kind of Friend

Valentine’s Day Tags – You’re a Tea Riffic Teacher

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  1. Samantha says:

    oh my!! I wish I was her teacher!! you’re so thoughtful!!


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