DIY Toddler Chicken Costume with Template

Homemade Halloween costumes. I have a love hate relationship with them. Pinterest gets me very excited with the bottomless ideas , however,  the thought of actually doing it exhausts me. Big confession, I get gung ho way too easily. I am always on the hunt for some easy DIY costumes, because frankly, I’m not a fan of store bought costumes. I love having a reason to pull out my sewing machine and glue gun.

My better half saw a picture of a baby dressed as a chicken when I was pregnant with Mackenzie. I admit, it was absolutely adorable. Ever since then, we dreamt of that one Halloween where we are given a reason to dress our sweet baby as clucking poultry. This one, I had a lot of fun making this one and was easy to source all the necessities. Often times things look more complicated than they really are. This chicken costume is the prime example as it is very easy. Oh, and there is minimal sewing – bonus!

What you need:

  • white tulle – from Michael’s or fabric store. Michael’s will have them pre-cut making this process a whole lot easier**
  • 1 white feather boas – I got mine from the dollar store
  • 1/2 inch to 1 inch thick white elastic- from fabric store, 1 yard is plenty
  • white t shirt
  • white pilot’s cap – I purchased mine from Joe Fresh, but you can really use any white hat. Just make sure it’s snug. It’s cute to cover the ears and keeps their head warm but not necessary
  • 2 sheets of red felt (you can purchase it from the dollar store or fabric stores)
  • 2 sheets of orange felt (you can purchase it from the dollar store or fabric stores)
  • yellow leggings – I purchased mine from Carters

**If you buy from Michael’s, a roll of 25 yards is plenty. It is likely cheaper at a fabric store and at which case, you just need 2 yards.


How to make your tulle skirt

  1. Let me cut to the chase and direct you to this page. It gives a great comprehensive tutorial on making the perfect tutu and it’s exactly what I did except I used elastic instead of ribbon so it holds up on the waist better. I like my tutu short but full. Scrunch it up if you need to. This will drive the OCD in you crazy.
  2. Once you are done with your tutu, I cut up pieces of my feather boa and used a glue gun to attach it. Be messy. Add it between tulle, on top of tulle, and underneath. You want your skirt to be as full as possible. Erratic placement is good.

How to make the hat

  1. Print out this comb template.
  2. Trace comb on your red felt and cut
  3. Put them together inside out, and hand stitch the tops together
  4. Stuff the comb with batting (I used cotton balls)
  5. Hand stitch the comb to the white hat. Make sure your base is wide and stiff enough to stand up. If it falls over, you will need more stuffing for the hat.

How to make the feet

  1. Put your child’s shoe on the orange felt and hand draw the template for the feet.
  2. I cut out a huge hole in the middle so she can put her foot in and I don’t need to worry about them falling off.

There you have it. Your toddler is officially a chicken!  The beauty of this costume is that you can easily layer it with a warm white sweater or jacket without covering up the entire costume.  Cluck! Cluck!


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