5 minute mommy makeup

If there is one place that thrills me, it is Sephora. I am still convinced I can find a nook or cranny in the store I can hide so I can get trapped in there all by myself at night. Doing my makeup all night long.. in peace. It’s a dreamy thought.

If you know me personally, you know that I don’t leave the house without makeup. Why bother leaving the house if you can’t put your best face forward? Literally.

As a mom, time loves to rob you. Every. Single. Second. Your kids grow up in a blink of an eye, but you never seem to find those 5 minutes to slather your face with makeup.

For once my vanity has come in handy and narrowing down the short list of essentials to help me look (somewhat) presentable before I leave the house.

This aptly depicts my morning routine. A toddler who wants cuddles and a preschooler who thinks she can do mommy’s makeup.

Here are my mommy makeup list:


Seriously, having those perfect brows make all the difference. I probably spend more time on my brows than anything else. Invest in microblading eyebrows. Everyone I know love it, and shaves a lot of time in the morning. If you are, unfortunately, like me and scared of taking the plunge, invest in a good brow pencil or pomade. Here are my favourite products:

  • Benefit Ka-Brow: I am obsessed with this product. This creamy pomade is waterproof, budgeproof and pretty much stays on the entire day. It comes with a brush, but use your own brush because their brush is small. Seriously it’s awesome.
  • Elf Eyebrow Eyebrow Kit: I do love this product, but not as much as the benefit Ka-Brow, however, the price is attractive (it’s $3!) and does the job. I always have this as a backup in case my Ka-Brow goes missing.
  • Wunderbrow: Okay this is not easy to use, don’t trust the videos. I do, however, love it because it’s budge proof and waterproof. Great for the pool parties, hot humid days, and when you’re too tired to wash your face but want to wake up looking fabulous.
Give your babe a spoolie brush. They’ll think it’s a big deal and will stay out of your makeup stash. It’s never to teach them about personal grooming!


Nothing is more important than sunscreen and moisturizer ladies, but skincare deserves its own post. Invest in a good foundation because it goes on your face and it’s the make or break with your look. Nothing is worse than mismatched foundation or one that starts breaking down on your face mid-day.


Now this is a must-have no matter what you think. A highlighter makes your features pop and offers dimensions to accentuate your features. Use a small brush to apply over your cheekbones, nose tip, and the bow of your lips. I’m obsessed with highlighters. Don’t even get me started on how large my collection is. I’d dip my baby in one if my better half allowed me. There are so many good ones at reasonable prices, but here are my favourites

  • Becca Opal or Champagne Pop – Depending on your shade, Becca’s highlighters are amazing and gives that super boost to your features
  • Benefit High Beam Highlight – I love Benefit and this is easy to apply with your fingers. I  dab some on the tip of my nose and around my cheekbones, and it makes all the difference
  • Physicians Formula Shimmer Strips– Love this one too and it’s so reasonably priced (especially if you get it on sale). I find their makeup comparable to higher end makeup, which makes this a super win.
Baby's got blue eyes
Your prime highlighting zones.

Now, I can keep going with my other favourites, like mascara, eyeliner, lippies, but this is my top three must-haves if I had to choose for my survival makeup bag.

I wish Snapchat filters would follow me everywhere I go.

When you absolutely have no time, just make sure you have a really good photo filter on your phone. 😉

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