Back to (pre)School, are you ready?

Frankly, I’ve been ready for Mackenzie to return to school since early August. Having two kids at home is exhausting, and finding activities to entertain their short attention span should be considered an Olympic sport. While I enjoyed not having  a schedule, or keeping up with other preschool mommies, the days were very very long.

Mackenzie started school in the middle of the year because she turned 30 months in January. We were given 2 weeks notice that she was accepted and I scrambled to get her prepared mentally and physically.


This September, I am far more ready. To prepare her, I talk to her about returning to school and the familiar faces she will see. I made a big deal about her school shoes and got her to walk around the house with them. By the way I ordered them from TinySoles. Free shipping to Canada, no duties and competitive pricing. Highly recommended!

In preschool, you really don’t need much since they are in school for only a few hours.

My must haves for school is:

  • reusable snack bags – I like Colibri, frankly because they have cute designs especially the female superheroes one
  • spill proof waterbottles – Mackenzie loves the ones from Skip Hop
  • labels for everything – Emily Press has great options and seamless ordering system
  • extra socks and panties in case of potty accidents
  • Annie’s cheddar bunnies snack pack – healthy and easy snack when you run out of time

Closer to September, I will be going to the grocery store with her to pick her own snacks. We like sliced apples, blueberries, grapes and popcorn. If you have concerns of them not eating their snack, having them involved with the process would help. I also pack extra snacks so they can share with their peers. It’s a great way to make friends!


Because I like to make everything a kodak moment, I also created a chalkboard inspired poster for first day of school. Be sure to laminate this as it can get crumpled quickly and would make a really cute keepsake!


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