MOO I’m Two Birthday Party!

I can’t believe my girl is two years old. It felt as if we just welcomed her to the world not long ago.


For my girl’s first birthday, we celebrated with a “Onederland” theme, a play on Alice in Wonderland (which I hope one day I’ll have time to post my pictures).  This year, I debated over a puppy party, wheels on the bus (she loves that song) party, and barnyard theme. Barnyard won. Being 7 months pregnant, I opted for the easiest theme to pull off as I anticipated to buy all my decorations. Clearly that didn’t happen this year.

I was determined to keep it simple this year, a smaller guest list (her first party had 70 people in attendance), shorter time frame (2 hours instead of 4), and less decorations, alas it didn’t happen that way.

At the very last minute, I somehow mustered some energy and decided to add a few crafty elements to the party to make the theme come through. These included party hats, water bottle labels, and a banner.

It all started with the invitation..



A party isn’t a party without a banner

IMG_8696 (2)


Then I decided to add party hats.


I didn’t think that would be enough to emulate a barnyard party so I created water bottle labels.


The average demographic of kids attending were 0-3 years old, so the favour bags included Crayola Farmyard Fun Floor Puzzle, Auntie Annie’s bunny snacks (for the babies, I substituted this with a fruit pouch), and a wind up fuzzy chick. I had them put together in a white kraft paper bag, with a “thank moo” tag.



For food, we served DIY pulled pork sandwiches with kale slaw, a vegan pasta salad, spanakopitas, fruit, and chips. It was the easiest menu I’ve had in a long time. I decided to go simple on the cake and ordered it from Cupcakes by Cupcakes. Best decision ever. I also made vegan chocolate cupcakes for the kids who were allergic to dairy. Super easy and can be made the day before.

I wish I had time to take pictures and enjoy the moment, but we ended up having over 50 guests and 17 kids. I guess I somehow managed to have a “smaller” party as planned.


I’m happy to share my templates with everyone, just as long as you give credit when necessary.

Party Hat Templates – I printed everything on coloured cardstock (except for the cow) purchased from Michaels. Stretchy strings were purchased from Michaels as well. They can be attached by creating a small hole punch (I used the Crop-a-dile) .

Cow Party Hat Template

Chick Party Hat Template

Dog Party Hat Template

Pig Party Hat Template 


Moo I’m Two Banner Template – I purchased the plain red/white striped banner from Target and added “Moo I’m Two” words to it.

Water Bottle Labels – Print on regular paper, and use clear packing tape to adhere to the water bottle so it stays waterproof.

Thank Moo Tags – print on cardstock and use circle cutter for a clean cut

2 Comments Add yours

  1. says:

    Hi. i really like your free printable but it looks like the ears for the hats cannot be downloaded.


  2. Tatiana says:

    I appreciate so much you did share the templates! Thank you!!
    I am doing the hats and the ears are no showing in the link. Would you please help me with this?


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