Superbowl Football Cupcakes

Since entering my second trimester, I have been getting more energy to bake (thank goodness). Understanding that we would probably be busy with our wee one in a few months, my hubby and I threw a Superbowl party. Of course, no parties ever go without cupcakes, so I made Superbowl football cupcakes.

I didn’t have time to plan and I wasn’t able to find a cookie cutter shaped as a mini football. It was quite stressful, until I roamed around in the dollar store and saw mini chocolate easter eggs. So they aren’t the perfect football shape, but they were close enough. I was lucky to find medium sized easter eggs that were already cut in half (makes piping easier).

chocolate eggs

With a bit of melting chocolate and using either the 1S or 1 Wilton icing tip, I piped the football on the chocolate eggs. Luckily these chocolate eggs were already cut in half so it made it easier to set on the baking sheet to harden. No smudging here!


Using the same melting chocolate, I used the 3 Wilton tip to pipe out the football goal. Make sure you pipe the goal a bit longer so it can securely stay on the cupcake. Also, generously grease your baking sheet so it doesn’t stick. These are quite fragile, so I had a lot of them break, so be gentle!

I piped the buttercream grass with Wilton Tip 233. Unfortunately my icing was a bit stiff, so it tired my hands quickly, so my grass was a bit messy. I didn’t want them to be too soft because they were going to be out for a while. To get a darker green hue, I mixed a little bit of brown gel coloring to my icing.


The chocolate cupcakes really helped a lot because if I missed a spot (and clearly I did), it just looks like dirt from the grass!


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