Ready to POP Popcorn Cupcakes (with Free Printables)

My BFF was in her 9th month when I planned her baby shower (risky I know!), so I thought it was only fitting to throw her a “ready to pop” themed shower. Popcorn was my inspiration and I decided to centre the entire theme around this. Who doesn’t love popcorn? Actually, who doesn’t love cupcakes? Putting the two together, I found the perfect myriad – popcorn cupcakes.

While using real popcorn to top off the popcorn would be most realistic, it would also, however, generate soggy popcorn from coming into contact with the icing, and stale with the air. Sounds like a recipe for disaster. I decided to have a little fun with making my popcorn with mini marshmallows. Taking my white marshmallows, I used a pair of scissors to make large random snips everywhere. I found it to be most realistic when snips were large enough to open up the marshmallow. A few cups of these later, I took a paintbrush and dabbed diluted yellow food colouring all over. Let the marshmallows clump up as it dries so it allows them to hang together and fall over when you top your cupcake.

I made chocolate cupcake with blueberry and pomengranate icing. Not a very smart idea. It was difficult covering the purple icing with the marshmallows, but lett’s be honest, why vanilla when there’s a million flavours on this world? I hope one day I won’t be remembered as the “vanilla” girl. After all, well behaved girls never make history. Ha, just a thought. 🙂

I topped my cupcake with a modest amount of icing (because it was coloured), and sprinkled my marshmallows all over, allow them to hang over and fall over naturally.


Cupcake Wrappers

Ready to POP sign talesoft

Here are the cupcakes in action at the candy and popcorn bar. Enjoy and thanks for popping by!

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