HOW TO: Elmo and Cookie Monster Cupcakes

Growing up, I was never a fan of Sesame Street. I always found it boring, however, the thought of missing a Mr. Dressup episode was unfathomable. I was glued to the TV whenever he would start with his arts and crafts segment. Oh the things you can do with glitter and paper! It definitely set me up for success when I started my scrapbooking projects.

Recently, REC showed me a few Elmo videos and I instantly fell in love with the curious red creature. How could a kid not love Sesame Street? What was I thinking? I definitely enjoyed him a lot more now than I did when I was younger, so for my neice’s first birthday, I decided to make Sesame Street cupcakes. The early afternoon party was on the Island, so I knew making the whole Sesame Street gang woud be near impossible unless I wake up at 3am to do them (I always ice my cupcakes the day of the event), so I chose my favourites: Elmo and Cookie Monster.


I prepared a few of their facial features a week in advance, primarily Elmo’s mouth and the eyes.


With the mouth, I rolled out a thin sheet white fondant and shaped the mouth with a round cookie cutter.

From the photos, Elmo’s mouth is always large and spreads across his face, so I used a round cookie that was 75% of the circumference of the actual cupcake. After shaping them together, I sprayed them with black food colouring. Don’t worry, if it looks like a watery grey hue, but after a few sprays (let them dry in between), you’ll get the colour you want. Instead of going through this laborious process, use black fondant.


For Elmo’s nose, I used orange peanut M&Ms. It gave the perfect oblong nose shape in the perfect opaque orange hue.


For the eyes, I used white candy wafers (you can use white chocolate wafers too), and regular sized chocolate chips. Warm up an empty plate, and add your chocolate chips flatly on the plate. Be careful not to heat your plate too hot, or your chocolate chips will melt too quickly. Once the flat bottoms are slightly melted, adhere them to the white candy wafers. They look the cutest when they’re sitting near the edge as opposed to the middle.Image

Elmo’s nose were created with orange m&ms. I tried making them with orange jelly beans but I found that the m&ms gave the best round oblong nose that he had.


Cookie monster’s mouth were miniature chocolate chip cookies.


Now for the fun part! For Elmo, I tinted my buttercream with Wilton’s  “no-taste red” gel food colouring because you will need a lot of red food colouring (half a bottle) to get the perfect hue. Red food colouring tends to taste bitter when used in copious amounts, which is why “no taste red” was created for purposes such as red buttercream or red velvet cake.

For Cookie Monster’s fur, I used a few dollops of  Wilton’s “Royal Blue”. Remember, if you are making the icing in advance, the icing will become darker in a few hours, so tint the icing a shade lighter than what you’re aiming for, just in case.

I piped Elmo with a small star tip, because I wanted his fur to be a bit neater, starting with a line across the middle. With Cookie Monster, I decided to go with the messy furry look with the multi-opening decorating tip (particularly #234). This was fun, as I got to randomly pipe the fur all over the top of the cupcake, with some hanging off the side.


Add the facial features, and voila, your Sesame Street friends are created! Image

And to that I will finish off by sharing my favourite Sesame Street youtube video at the moment: Elmo’s Got the Moves. Enjoy!

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