DIY Cupcake Bouquet

This Valentine’s, I decided to put my Wilton’s Cake Decorating Course to work. Inspired by the bouquet below, I decided to take the challenge.

I recently threw a dirty Mexican party, so I had a drawer full of limes and half a bottle of margarita mix. Naturally, I decided to make limeade cupcakes with raspberry buttercream, so my roses can be a pretty pink. Now, I have learned that it’s all about planning, so a few days in advance, I baked my underfilled cupcakes (so it’s easier to pipe the icing), gumpaste flowers (carnations, calla lilies, and daisies) and leaves. Now for the challenge.

(my inspiration on the left here :))

What you’ll need:

– cupcakes

– popsicle sticks

– vase (if you’re using a clear vase, you’ll need a decorative item to hide the styrofoam ball)

– spherical styrofoam ball that fits your vase

– gumpaste leaves and flowers

You will need to find the perfect pairing of an oval styrofoam ball that fits snug in a vase. If you’re using a clear vase like I did, be sure to have something to hide the awful styrofoam ball in the glass vase. I went with green tissue paper, but it would be pretty with silver sparkle balls, marbles, or even a leaf wrapped around the inside. You can also use a perfectly round shaped ball, but you will need to glue it on the vase so it doesn’t just “float” in the vase. An oval shaped styrofoam ball will keep it more secure.

Start at the bottom and use a knife and make small cuts in the styrofoam ball in the areas where you want to have your cupcakes and one in the cupcake.  Puncture the popsicle sticks in the styrofoam ball, and gently slide the cupcake into the popsicle stick on an 90 degree angle, so the cupcake is sitting on its side. Swirl upwards around until you reached the top. Try to keep the cupcakes together. If your cupcakes start falling off, try using two sticks at an angle so it makes a “V”.

Once all your cupcakes have been placed, it’s time to fill the gaps with your gumpaste flowers and leaves. Voila!

Here are some tips to a foul-proof bouquet:

– use dense cupcakes so that won’t easily “rip” off the popsicle stick

– an oval styrofoam ball that is green is ideal

– before adding the styrofoam ball,  decorate with tissue paper (as if you’re stuffing a gift bag) to give it that bouquet effect

– use an icing that won’t easily slide off or melt in room temperature

– make sure your colours complement each other, i love soft monochromatic tones, but striking bold hues would be beautiful too!

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  1. mydearbakes says:

    Wow, this is truly astonishing! Its so beautiful! =)


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