Queen of McQueen

The best kept royal wedding secret ushered in glamour on Saturday morning when commoner Kate Middleton stepped out in her duchess satin wedding dress designed by Alexander McQueen’s  Sarah Burton. Critiqued by every designer in the world, the dress received raving reviews as it paid tribute to the late Alexander McQueen. It seems that there is more chatter about McQueen lately than when he passed away in February of last year. We’re seeing him in this month’s issue of Vogue, celebrities donning his dresses at the Met Gala, and even the royals.  So who is Alexander McQueen?


In addition to to his appointment to the house of Givenchy as the Head Designer, McQueen collaborated with several designers to make waves in the industry. Most talked about partnership was with Gucci where they purchased 51% of  his company, naming McQueen as the Creative Director and giving an opportunity of a lifetime with the opening of his own stores in the fashion capitals London, Milan and New York. It wasn’t long until his work became picked up by celebrities, working its way to mainstream media.

McQueen has never failed to shock its audience with his bizarre details and inspiration when it comes to his designs. Often criticized than applauded, McQueen’s shock value always left a memorable visual in our minds. Whether it was his equestrian inspired dress detailed with horsehair fringe, or the Asian-inspired kimono worn famously by Coco Rocha. The most memorable of all? His Spring 2010 collection that featured 90 degree sole, and 12 inch heel, horse shaped arch shoe.

It’s been almost a year since Sarah Burton was appointed as the new Creative Director behind the eponymous label, and still the brand has leaving us in awe. Her latest creation with the royal wedding gowns shocked the world, not in an eccentric way, but it in a way where we adored every detail and tailoring that the dress evoked. Each time I look at Kate’s dress, I seem to find a new subtle detail. Where we may speculate whether Sarah will ever create waves the way the late McQueen did. She has big shoes to fill, however not the same ones, and definitely not the horse-shaped arched ones.


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