If I made it on Survivor, trust that my luxury item would be one pair of stunning earrings. For those who know me, seldom do I trot around town without a pair of earrings. Whether they are chandeliers, hoops, or jewelled danglies, wearing earrings, in my opinion, completes the outfit.

As most may recall in my previous post (click here) , I have a jewellery armoire that I love, love, love to house my jewellery. Unfortunately, the brainchild of this jewellery armoire was not really thinking of me when this was being built. It did not have a space to organize my earrings, and there was nothing  in stores and online I found that I suited my fancy.

After doing some research, I finally came up with the perfect earring holder for my treasured pairs. From a photo shadow box, I mounted this installation on my wall and aligned pins to create rows and columns for my earrings. The result, an earring showcase, aptly displayed above my jewellery armoire.  Moral of the story? If you can’t buy it, make it.


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  1. Chris says:

    how am i going to make a gf????


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