CALCJust the other day, I found True Religion jeans for 40% off. Attracted to the deal, I immediately switched off my rational senses and turned on an emotional one. Fearing that I would make another futile purchase, joining the rest of other items with their price tags dating from 2006 in my closet, I cleared my head and strategized. I asked myself two questions,

1) Do I LOVE it, like it, or  just plain attracted to the deal?

2) How many wears will I actually get out of this? Fad or style?

Note that I never question myself the dichotomy between “need” and “want”. Let’s face it, if I bought things on  a “need” basis, I’d have 16 pairs of shoes (work, gym, casual, evening x 4 seasons), instead of the 45 pairs sitting pretty in my closet. Don’t laugh because I know you are guilty too.

For my latter question, I have perhaps found the best Blackberry gadget to assist in  alleviating the stressful contemplation. Apparently Sweetspot and BMO know women very very well, the “Cost Per Wear” calculator was born to do the simple math in tough decision making processes. Is it me or is it seriously harder to calculate when you are fixated on the new creature to be added in your closet?  The life-saving Cost Per Wear Calculator  calculates the $$ per use of each item. All you  need to do is simply input the cost of the item, and the estimated number of times you will be wearing it, and voila, you get the $$ per use.  A cold reality check, but to be honest, some things aren’t worth the $100/use when you put it in perspective.

Lucky for crackberry queens like myself, the free application  can be downloaded on your blackberry and used anytime your heart desires.

So while I will probably never learn the difference between “need” and “want”, I can trust that with my Cost Per Wear calculator programmed in my blackberry, I will be more economically efficient in times when my emotions are heightened and math skills are virtually non-existent. Now I have readily available application to assist me in calculating my opportunity costs in the shopping world. Oh my economics professors would be proud.

One Comment Add yours

  1. Chris says:

    … let’s talk… i got a programmer who can program stuff like this… but i want a profit. think… apple apps equivalents.


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