Muzi Tea is the Caffe Artigiano for all tea-lovers with a modern twist. Located in the business district of busy downtown Vancouver, this chic tea bar’s menu is brimming with classic tea favourites and adventurous  tea concoctions.  Muzi was inspired by two students, Mars Koo and Brian Takeda,  who were challenged to create a hypothetical business plan to complete their thesis. When there’s a will, there’s a way. Shortly after graduation, this mock idea was made into a reality. Branded as a lifestyle, Muzi supports an array of charities and NPOs across Canada and is an advocate in practicing good business ethics by paying a premium for high-skilled tea harvesters. Muzi has the brains, social responsibility, and the innovation.

Whether you meeting your girlfriends for “coffee” or looking for a place to impress your out-of-town clients, this gallery looking tea bar is the place to be. From White Chocolate Matcha to Maple Syrup Chai, it may take a while before you select your winning brew. My favourite drink? The Masala Chai.

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