REC and I enjoyed a much-needed date night on one summer Friday afternoon. We finally found a free Friday and made plans to go to the much-anticipated Les Faux Bourgeois. Located in the obscure side (or what snobs would refer to as shady) of town, I’ve always wondered how this little restaurant garner such raving reviews in seemingly few months. Food must either be spectacular or they have  hired one crazy PR  talent. If this is the latter, I can’t wait to meet this mastermind.

The  “shady” neighbourhood is palpable but somehow the atmosphere changed as soon as we walked in. It really was a fresh of breath air, and soon I found myself  encapsulated in a groovy and hip room (with a down-to-earth feel) filled with the trendy, eclectic, and the fabulous stylistas.

Once we were seated, my eyes were fixated on a plate of moules frites that was being served to the table behind me. Just when I thought my decision making was finished, I took a glance at the chalkboard full of specials and the menu in front of me, my experience became reminiscent of ladies in the 1800s looking for a husband in China. I couldn’t decide what to order; everyone, I mean everything made my mouth salivate. After much deliberation and a careful evaluation of my opportunity costs, I opted for the duck confit.  Unlike my slow decision making process, REC impulsively chose the steak frites.  To satisfy my moules frites craving, being the gentleman that REC is suggested to order the entrée as an appetizer to share.

The moules frites were cooked to perfection. It was seasoned perfectly, allowing the mussels to stay juicy and keep its distinct flavour. I’ve always been a fan of Chambar‘s moules frites however it’s always a tad it on the salty side, but Les Faux Bourgeois’  was perfect.  The fries were crispy, warm, and fresh. Exactly how I envisioned it would be when I saw it pass my way.Moules Frites

My entrée was served immediately as our appetizer was taken from the table.  Served ontop of a frisée salad, the duck confit was a generous portion and paired perfectly with the salad and the side of potatoes. 

Duck Confit

REC’s steak frites were just as sizeable as my entree, but wasn’t presented as creatively as it could’ve been. He requested for blue rare, but the server politely suggested that it would taste better if it were cooked to medium rare.  We went with his suggestions and to no surprise, it was perfect. Though it was a skirt steak,  it was tender yet offered a bearable chewy texture.

Steak Frites

Amidst the hustle bustle, our server never failed to short stick  us with attentive service. If there was one thing I could harp on, it would probably be the fact that we were too full from our dinner to sample their desserts. Sometimes we wished our servers would advise us to save room for their sweet treats. On the other hand, the advice  may upset a hungry beast. In the perfect world, Les Faux Bourgeois was everything I dreamed it would be. Great food, excellent service, and intimate ambience.  I was slightly disappointed to discover that there was no illustrious PR genius, but comforted to know that I now have a new restaurant to add to my roster of favourites.

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