Upon hearing Les Miserables coming to town in April, REC and I immediately made plans to see the somber musical. In spirit of the French play, we decided to indulge our palates in French cuisine. We’ve always wanted to try La Brasserie, so it was an easy decision.

With tasty dishes inspired by the French and German culture, La Brasserie is a quaint bistro tucked away on the busy streets ot Davie.

We arrived at 6pm to avoid line-ups and ensure that we have ample time to drive to the musical. To our surprise, the restaurant was relatively empty in occupancy and seated us immediately. With the plethora of favourable reviews the restaurant garnered, and its “no reservations” policy, we expected a heavy wait.

We chose dessert over wine, and I opted for a coke as a result. I was disappointed that they did not have an extensive non-alcoholic drink selection –diet coke nor iced-tea were not on the menu.

Warm crusty rye bread was served to start with a chicken butter pate. The bread was freshly sliced and the chicken butter pate was an inventive alternative to butter and olive oil.

REC and I shared two appetizers to start, the steak tartare and truffle poutine. I must admit, I was slightly disgusted to see that the steak tartare was presented on a plate shaped in a tuna tina or cat food tin. Nevertheless, the steak tartare was extremely tasty and paired well with the two thin slices of buttered toast. The poutine was sizeable and tasty with the truffle oil seasoning, however would prefer to see more cheese curds in the dish.

For our mains, I had the Suckling Pig with saurkraut and schupfnudel (German dumplings). The dish was exactly to how I envisioned it and tasted even better to my expectations. The suckling pig was smothered with a savoury gravy but enough to taste the meat while keeping the skin crispy. The flavours were simple but enough to look forward to another bite.

REC had the La Brasserie burger that came with a side of fries. The bun was lightly toasted, and the beef patty was juicy and fresh. It came with the traditional burger toppings but when the flavours melded together, it tasted much better than a traditional burger.

To finish, we spoiled ourselves with the chocolate plate. Akin to a petits fours, they were small chocolate dessert bites created in different ways. The plate involved a chocolate torte, white chocolate pudding, mint chocolate ball encrusted with nuts, and a creamy dark chocolate ball toped with raspberry coulis. Where I would probably never come back to La Brasserie just for their dessert, the plate still offered a sweet and content ending to this delectable meal. The service was impeccable and so was the ambience. I look forward to coming back.

And so off to Les Miserables we went. C’est fantastique.

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